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Lets enjoy a little bit of a DISGUST.

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‘That was TERRIBLE.’
– Anne

Yes. Under the Skin (2013) can become a mighty frustrating experience if you’re not used to watching films with a bit of a detachment & if you do not fancy Scarlett Johansson as much as some of us.

‘It was good.’
– Your Beloved Writer (S. M.)

Don’t be afraid, my Near and Dear ones. This film is a pretty striking and honest reflection on Scottish people and land. Again, don’t be afraid.

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) is inspired by the “noaar” film.

That means: You get the heroes with a complicated and (sometimes not so) dark past, who wonder in the bleak streets, deep in thoughts + the story being complicated so that you almost do not know what is happening and as well as the characters you are swayed from one place to another, meeting mysterious people and getting even more mysterious information.

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SO MANY Oscar nominations, right?
So I will just look at it!

And I get this shattered feeling of uneasiness.
First you see Ch. Bane’s belly. Then during the film nobody shows it to you again, so you forget how ugly it was and start to like his character, since it is surely THE character with THE deep character.

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Are you a Hong Kong policeman who lost his gun?
Ah, too bad! Leave the country, kill yourself, or maybe someone else…
Or call your crazy super-sensitive psycho ex-detective friend to get you out of trouble.

However, Mad Detective (2007) shows one interesting thing about the genre of action films. The characters, in this genre usually appear as types rather than singular individuals. Mad Detective makes types of the people’s minds.

Mad Detective's suspects

Mad Detective’s suspects

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