SR: Feherlofia

Hungarian animated feature Feherlofia (1981) manifests an unusually consistent, highly simplified style visibly influenced by imagery of old Indian and Mayan culture, and possibly art of other ancient nations in Africa and Oceania. The visual stylization clearly establishes the mythical tone of the story that comes even with the proper delight in erotic allusions (most of the time rather hardly concealed).

The film also shows off its awareness of the cinematic potential or rather its extension by means of animation. Hence we witness numerous complete transformations of image and also get details like the one when a character looks at other two through the fingers of his hand, as he covered his eyes in fear before.

FConsidering the slow-paced narrative that dwells on the appropriate repetition of certain tasks and most of the time appears more than clear, you might find yourselves enjoying the film purely as an audio-visual trip. That is also why we recommend to watch Feherlofia without the original audio and to use soundtrack such as some neat Four Tet compilation. You might find yourselves in the place of those who found the dark side of the rainbow.

Available on Youtube



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