SR: Merde

Leos Carax’s short full of the most amusing controversions, and the film of choice for Pleasure Parrot.

‘This mo(N)vie chains the B’ts of absurd jokes like a song. + The splendid pride of the bizzare X’istences.’



Truly, the film celebrates and enjoys the transgressive element. The grotesque creatures of the film emerge from the sews as an undercurrent to Japanese neat calmness and rationality. Merde and Voland resist to the sensibility and correctness of their civilized persecutors with an apparent pride, knowing that their freakishness is much more enjoyable (yes, for the film viewers) and ultimately true to the behaviour of ordinary people. The TV news show how the crowds react on each step in Merde’s case, and the uproar in the streets does not quite seem to fit the calm and composed demeanour of the reporters. Madness and disorder are an inseparable counterpart of a controlled system, and Carax pictures them as much more attractive when displayed openly than when they are suppressed and denied by the reason.

For all those who love a sting of a little outrage, here is our ‘tres joli petit garҫon‘.

(Little link for those who find the soundtrack somehow familiar.)


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