SR: Room 666

Wim Wenders’ film available on vimeo. Absolutely lovely!

As if the several great directorial personas actually encompassed and cherished the different identities and shades of the phenomenon called Cinema (and surely, that is also the truth).
Godard begins as the collosal magician, who is only interested about the context and meaning, and as soon as nothing gives him a food for thoughts he will depart.
Herzog, being a one-man tragedy in himself, takes off his shoes, but then admits that the situation is not really THAT bad, and choke us with a pillow.
Spielberg talks to us with a brilliantly ego-centric posture of a prince of capitalist film industry. He allows us ‘one shot in the forest’ (29:50) (I can’t stop laughing).
Personal favourite is Antonioni. Being an extremely charismatic and elevated speaker (despite he says he is not a man of theories), he provides a contemplated and incredibly accurate prediction, and still present a great amount of vitality and will to cope with anything that is about to come.

I am omitting several filmmakers who got slightly shorter parts in the film. However, they all stand for very distinct and obviously completely valid opinions on the future and workings of Cinema.



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