SR: American Hustle

SO MANY Oscar nominations, right?
So I will just look at it!

And I get this shattered feeling of uneasiness.
First you see Ch. Bane’s belly. Then during the film nobody shows it to you again, so you forget how ugly it was and start to like his character, since it is surely THE character with THE deep character.

It seems to me typical for the film. The characters have these into-your-face features (yes, Amy Adams’ V-necks are just the right example), a kind of Marvel heroes’ façade, that stand in a strange contrast to their screen-written personalities, coming as if from older Hollywood (you can sense how meticulously crafted they are, but they lack certain modernity, the one that Charlie Kaufman always has).

American Hustle seems to me absolutely stuck between contemporary pop culture and reverence to satin lush of late American 70’s, the one that covered a harsh soberness coming after love and peace times.
Not a great surprise after the fuss around Lana Del Rey.

Everybody loves the acting, the characters, the acting.

However, the plot is a heist film plot. And pleasure of watching a heist film is that we become fascinated by a skill and wit and plan of the heroes.
The heist-revelation in American Hustle kindly tells us: This guy was not a real guy, he was our friend, and: We were not mad at each other but we love each other.
The heist took away my pleasure.
The ending killed me.
How can this be? Everybody gets what the people in the cinema want them to get!? For once everything goes as it was planned from the beginning?!

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