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I mentioned Charlie Kaufman when I wrote about characters of American Hustle (YES, I am SO quoting myself right now!).
To become a slightly more believable and concrete, I watched most of his films again so that I could explain what exactly I meant by that ‘modernity’ I was talking about. Turns out that it is something embarrassingly different from what I first thought. Well, WHATEVER! Here it is.

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Werner Herzog travelled to Antarctica, where he met the strangest kind of people, unusually inspired and having an enormous power to lead their lives alongside this momentum.

There are particular things about this film that enchant me:

Herzog’s voice, seemingly uncertain around English and peculiarly unfitting to the florid expressions he uses in his voiceover.
I do not think I will ever forget the couple of comforting words he had for Libor Zícha, Czech exile, who was not even able to talk about the ‘drama’ he lived through escaping from behind the iron curtain.

Astonishing music chosen so well that it seems inherent to the image, giving it magnificence you could possibly feel while watching certain Malick’s images, except that Herzog’s thoughts of Christianity point towards Tarkovsky and penetrate deeper into European’s mind, since we instinctively do not believe in American spectacle.

Disorientation of the little penguin you cry for. I am sure you will know the feeling.


These impressions, however, only contribute to form Herzog’s giant overarching question about human origin and destiny, which overwhelm you and makes you feel a little uneasy. It might be that the end of human race is scientifically assured, but the choir at the very end of film sings about LIGHT and the message is not that of resignation.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) is inspired by the “noaar” film.

That means: You get the heroes with a complicated and (sometimes not so) dark past, who wonder in the bleak streets, deep in thoughts + the story being complicated so that you almost do not know what is happening and as well as the characters you are swayed from one place to another, meeting mysterious people and getting even more mysterious information.

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SO MANY Oscar nominations, right?
So I will just look at it!

And I get this shattered feeling of uneasiness.
First you see Ch. Bane’s belly. Then during the film nobody shows it to you again, so you forget how ugly it was and start to like his character, since it is surely THE character with THE deep character.

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