SR: Last House on the Left EN

Oh, film fellaz, a beautifully HAND-MADE piece of film! Like that cake in ‘TV-Cooking with Mari Collingwood‘s Mother’, Mari being the hero of that flick.

And be steel sure that, if you show them this film, you parents are not letting you go out EVER. Cause you will SO go into a drug-dealer’s house and get kidnapped and so on —–>

And over that sounds a hearth-slamming-sweet soundtrack like a joyride through countryside.

Wherever they could, the filmmakers stuck comedy etudes, from the image of American household, to the dumb policemen hitchhiking to the crime scene. (Film people call it crosscutting. It is supposed to create the tension – you saying: ‘will they be in time?’ and ‘oh my god!’. This particular example does so, but in a weird way.)

It is the unusual swaying of mood that make the film so interesting. The brutal and even poetic moments switch into comedy, which becomes quite absurd and grotesque. One gets nicely disturbed by the changes and can even enjoy the few jumps of the horror genre much more intensely.

My favourite scene is the one after Mari gets raped. The slightly embarrassed silence makes a space maybe not for thoughts (or, God help us, regret) but at least a certain quiet emotion.

Last House on the Left is not a masterpiece, you find all the beautiful low-budget flaws on it (loving the sound in the bathroom scene), but it IS a Good Film Stuff. Makes your hearth beat a bit differently for a while.


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